Jamaica Fiwi Roots

Target Schools

The List of Target Schools

The Scholarship Grant is targeted at schools in the interior of the Island, where there tend to be a higher density of families of less means and opportunity. For a deeper dive into the proverty distribution map and additional tools, see FiwiRoots Distribution of Poverty.

CodeNameAddressTel #Region
Region 2 - Port Antonio (St. Thomas, Portland and St. Mary)
04011 Bybrook Primary Bybrook District, Bybrook P.O. 577-9709 2. Port Antonio
04014 Claverty Cottage Primary Claverty Cottage P.A.891-6670 2. Port Antonio
04018Fairfield Primary Bangor Ridge P.O.292-4357 2. Port Antonio
04028 Mount Pleasant Primary Mount Pleasant, St. Margarets Bay P. O.913-3345 2. Port Antonio
04032Orange Bay Primary Orange Bay P.O. 833-9645 2. Port Antonio
04041Skibo Primary Skibo District, Skibo P.O. 879-0041 2. Port Antonio
04043Tranquility Primary and InfantBuff Bay P.O. 357-8081 2. Port Antonio
05007Brainerd Primary Brainerd P.O.784-2004 2. Port Antonio
05021 Free Hill Primary and Infant Free Hill P.O., St. Mary 851-7491 2. Port Antonio
05024 Goshen Primary Lucky Hill P.O. 771-2880 2. Port Antonio
05058 Scotts Hall Primary Scotts Hall District, Scotts Hall P.A.458-1662 2. Port Antonio
04005Birnamwood PrimarySpring Hill P.A.422-11182. Port Antonio
04007Bloomfield PrimarySwift River P.O.396-18192. Port Antonio
04013Charles Town Primary Buff Bay P.O.913-69422. Port Antonio
04016Coopers Hill Primary Coopers Hill, Fellowship P.O.289-12542. Port Antonio
04040Shirley Castle Primary Shirley Castle P.A.581-06322. Port Antonio
05004Beecham Hill Primary and Infant Richmond P.O. 881-22832. Port Antonio
05005Bellefield Primary Grass Piece., Belfield P.O.992-24552. Port Antonio
05010Camberwell Primary Camberwell P.O.787-40052. Port Antonio
05016Devon Pen Primary Devon Pen P.A.818-37222. Port Antonio
05023Gayle Primary Labyrinth Road, Gayle P.O.975-80032. Port Antonio
05028Hillside Primary Friendship District, Islington P.O.994-40812. Port Antonio
05030Jack's River Primary Jacks River, Free Hill P.O.726-31112. Port Antonio
05033Labyrinth Primary Labyrinth P.O.571-99072. Port Antonio
05035Long Road Primary Long Road District, Long Road P.O.435-62562. Port Antonio
05036Mahoe Hill Primary Broadgate P.A.287-89072. Port Antonio
05037Marlborough Primary Marlborough District, Richmond P.O.992-28772. Port Antonio
05038Martin Primary Martin District, Albany P.O.992-33632. Port Antonio
05044Newstead Primary Cascade District, Lodge P.O.917-31052. Port Antonio
05054Richmond Primary and Infant Richmond Road, Richmond P.O.399-93302. Port Antonio
05062Wallingford Primary Wallingford District, Guys Hill P.O.582-54692. Port Antonio
05063Water Valley Primary Islington P.O. 994-40032. Port Antonio
05065Zion Hill Primary Richmond P.O.992-02382. Port Antonio
Region 3 - Browns Town (St. Ann and Trelawny)
06101 Aboukir Primary Aboukir P.A. 377-2456 3. Brown's Town
06001 Alderton Primary Alderton, Claremont P.O. 540-6129 3. Brown's Town
06002Alva Primary and Infant Alva District, Alexandria P.O.859-8151 3. Brown's Town
06005 Bensonton Primary Bensonton P.O. 414-9521 3. Brown's Town
06023 Eccleston Primary Aboukir District, Cave Valley P.O. 853-5874 3. Brown's Town
06024 Epworth Primary Epworth P.O. 648-1023 3. Brown's Town
06104 Grants Mountain Primary Grant's Mountain District, Calderwood P.O. 534-5441 3. Brown's Town
06075 Inverness Primary and Infant Inverness P.O. 449-2492 3. Brown's Town
06035 Lime Tree Gardens Primary and Infant Lime Tree Garden P.A 360-1839 3. Brown's Town
06040 Mount Moriah Primary and Infant Mount Moriah District, Borobridge P.O. 805-73053. Brown's Town
06042 Mount Zion Primary Mount Zion District, Mount Zion P.A. 337-1662 3. Brown's Town
06049 Retirement Primary Watt Town P.O. 317-9376 3. Brown's Town
06056 Turnberry Primary Turnberry District, Blackstonedge P.O. 448-5760 3. Brown's Town
06057 Village Primary Faith's Pen, Moneague P.O. 401-4279 3. Brown's Town
06066 York Castle Primary York Castle District, York Castle P.A. 848-4951 3. Brown's Town
07011 Freemans Hall Primary and Infant Albert Town District, Albert Town P.O. 610-0724 3. Brown's Town
07039 Kinloss Primary Clark's Town District, Clark's Town P.O. 394-2676 3. Brown's Town
07019 Sawyers Primary Sawyers P.O. 890-2695 3. Brown's Town
07020 Spring Garden Primary and Infant Spring Garden District, Rock Spring 427-0097 3. Brown's Town
07023 Ulster Spring Primary Ulster Spring P.O. 807-4208 3. Brown's Town
07028 Warsop Primary Warsop P.O. 547-8900 3. Brown's Town
06006Bethany Primary Saint Dacre District, Alexandria P.O.841-65603. Brown's Town
06013Cascade Primary Wild Cane P.O.354-40723. Brown's Town
06015Charlton Primary Alexandria P.O.975-10303. Brown's Town
06017Chester Primary Chester District, Alexandria P.O.540-60003. Brown's Town
06034Lime Hall Primary Lime Hall P.O.972-56633. Brown's Town
06051St. Ann's Bay Primary 16 Church Street, St. Ann's Bay P.O.972-23683. Brown's Town
07001Albert Town Primary and Infant Albert Town P.O.610-12003. Brown's Town
07009Wilson's Run Primary Wilson's Run District, Troy P.O.317-29883. Brown's Town
06037Lower Buxton All AgeOrange Hill P.A.367-05723. Brown's Town
Region 4 - Montego Bay (St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland)
08023 Niagara Primary Niagara District, Niagara P.A. 586-4983 4. Montego Bay
08024 Orange Hill Primary Stonehenge District, Stonehenge P.O. 566-51554. Montego Bay
08033 Vaughansfield Primary and Infant Flamstead Garden PA 781-7208 4. Montego Bay
10003 Beaufort Primary Darliston District, Darliston P.O. 849-7699 4. Montego Bay
10008 Cairn Curran Primary Cairn Curran P.A. 388-9376 4. Montego Bay
10010 Carmel Primary Carmel District, Carmel P.O. 868-5309 4. Montego Bay
10011 Chantilly Primary Lennox Bigwoods, Carmel P.O. 401-3588 4. Montego Bay
10026 Kew Park Primary and Infant Lambs River District, Lambs River P.O. 378-0644 4. Montego Bay
10033Mount Hermon Primary Lambs River District, Lambs River P.O.995-2093 4. Montego Bay
10050Seaford Town Primary Seaford Town, Lamb's River P.O.345-0890 4. Montego Bay
08005Buckingham Primary Buckingham, Hopeton P.O.775-26144. Montego Bay
10038New Works Primary and Infant New Works District, Carmel P.O.420-4302 4. Montego Bay
Region 5 - Mandeville ( St. Elizabeth and Manchester )
11017 Burnt Savannah Primary Burnt Savannah District, Burnt Savannah P.A. 078-6567 5. Mandeville
11018 Carisbrook Primary Carisbrook District, Carisbrook P.A. 880-6484 5. Mandeville
11054 Pisgah Primary Pisgah District, Pisgah P.A. 505-2957 5. Mandeville
11058 Retirement Primary Retirement P.A. --5. Mandeville
12021 Frankfield Primary and Infant Frankfield District, Pratville P.O. 775-70635. Mandeville
12022 Grove Town Primary Cross Keys P.O. --5. Mandeville
12091 Harmons Primary Harmons District, Harmons P.O 897-7426 5. Mandeville
12043Plowden Primary And Infant Plowden District, Alligator Pond P.O.481-2807 5. Mandeville
12047 Prospect Primary Prospect District, New Baalbec P.A 589-3840 5. Mandeville
12205 Victoria Town Primary Victoria Town P.A. 265-9589 5. Mandeville
11007Barbary Hall Primary Barbary Hall P.A.322-4972 5. Mandeville
11008Beersheba Primary Beersheba, New Market P.O.-5. Mandeville
11010Bigwoods Primary Bigwoods District, Mountainside P.O.- 5. Mandeville
11026Geneva Primary Newell, Watchwell PA965-0829 5. Mandeville
11030Happy Grove Primary Happy Grove, New Market P.O.775-7213 5. Mandeville
11043Mountainside Primary Mountainside P.O.377-3290 5. Mandeville
11049Nightingale Grove Primary Nightingale Grove, New Market P.O.426-9435 5. Mandeville
11057Red Bank Primary Red Bank District, Red Bank P.A366-0628 5. Mandeville
11072White Hill Primary White Hill District, Maggotty P.O.- 5. Mandeville
12011Chantilly Primary Chantilly P.A.603-2205 5. Mandeville
12016Craighead Primary Craighead District, Craighead P.O.- 5. Mandeville
12019Fairfield Primary Fairfield District, Lincoln P.O.448-5610 5. Mandeville
12020Ferguson Primary French Park, Spur Tree P.O.964-6042 5. Mandeville
12023Harry Watch Primary Harry Watch P.O.284-6574 5. Mandeville
12025Huntley Primary and Infant Huntley District, Huntley P.A.445-0841 5. Mandeville
12030Marlie Hill Primary Marlie Hill P.A.488-9510 5. Mandeville
12073Mile Gully Primary Mile Gully District, Mile Gully P.O.793-3799 5. Mandeville
12036Nazareth Primary Maidstone District, Maidstone P.O.317-5704 5. Mandeville
12037New Broughton Primary New Broughton District, Cross Keys P.O.610-9438 5. Mandeville
12041Patrick Town Primary Ellen Street P.O.365-1305 5. Mandeville
12042Pike Primary Pike District, Pike P.A.375-4177 5. Mandeville
12049Robins Hall Primary Molton District, Robins Hall P.A.504-2933 5. Mandeville
12093Somerset Primary Sommerset District, New Green P.A.815-3885 5. Mandeville
12054Top Hill Primary and Infant Top Hill District, Baker's Hill P.A.410-9467 5. Mandeville
12057Woodlands Primary Woodlands District, Cross Keys P.O.810-0096 5. Mandeville
Region 6 - Old Harbour (Clarendon and St. Catherine)
13098 Coffee Piece Primary Coffee Piece District, Coffee Piece P.A. 426-9488 6. Old Harbour
13026 Kilsyth Primary and Infant Grantham District, Grantham P.O. 904-4841 6. Old Harbour
13090 Morgans Forest Primary and Infant Morgans Forest District, Borobridge P.O. 844-9059 6. Old Harbour
13051 Ritchies Primary Ritchies District, Ritchies P.A. 964-0687 6. Old Harbour
13057 Smithville Primary Smithville District, Smithville P.O. 420-6240 6. Old Harbour
13005Arthurs Seat Primary Arthurs Seat District, Crofts Hill P.O.779-0523 6. Old Harbour
13007Brandon Hill Primary Brandon Hill, Colonels Ridge P.O.824-3114 6. Old Harbour
13010Collington Primary Collington District, Trout Hall P.O.861-5440 6. Old Harbour
13016Frankfield Primary and Infant Frankfield District, Frankfield P.O.904-4400 6. Old Harbour
13022James Hill Primary James Hill District, James Hill P.O.370-9841 6. Old Harbour
13024Johns Hall Primary Johns Hall, Silver Spring P.A.452-4358 6. Old Harbour
13025Kellits Primary Kellits District, Kellits P.O.966-8042 6. Old Harbour
13030Main Ridge Primary Main Ridge District, Pennants P.A.826-5007 6. Old Harbour
13034Mitchell's Hill Primary Mitchell's Hill, Rock River P.O.390-5714 6. Old Harbour
13036Mocho Primary and Infant Dawkins District, Mocho P.O.341-0063 6. Old Harbour
13041Mount Liberty Primary Beckford Kraal District, Beckford Kraal P.O.844-3723 6. Old Harbour
13056Sanguinetti Primary Sanguinetti District, Sanguinetti P.A.964-0533 6. Old Harbour
13099Scotts Pass Primary and Infant Scott's Pass District, Scott's Pass P.A.904-2936 6. Old Harbour
13058Spaldings Primary Spalding District, Spalding P.O.964-0178 6. Old Harbour
13060Thompson Town Primary and Infant Thompson Town P.O.374-8235 6. Old Harbour