2020 Scholarship Winner

2020 Winner - Acacia Cunningham


Who is Acacia Cunningham?

I am a dark skinned female whose height is five feet and six inches long. I am polite, compassionate, courageous and brave. I am good at track and field and my school work. I live with both of my parents and I have three siblings: two brothers and one sister. My favourite subjects are Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Religious Education, Spanish and Science. My favourite food is steamed fish and crackers.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are reading, watching television, jogging and dancing.

What does winning the scholarship mean to you?

This scholarship will be put towards helping to send me to the school of my choice, Westwood high.

What would you hope to achieve as a result of attending the high school of your choice?

I would hope to achieve eight subjects including Mathematics and Language Arts and also to achieve a scholarship to Cuba one the best countries with great doctors.

Who is your role model?

My role model is Dr Odette Harris because she is one of the world's best neurosurgeon.


My Ambition In Life To Become A Surgical Doctor.

By Acacia Cunningham, Age: 11
Wait-A-Bit All Age, Trelawny

Life goals are the things you'd like to achieve in order to be satisfied with your future and who you become. We can start preparing for life goals by making a list of your goal's destinations. These are the things that are important to you. Secondly, think about the time frame to have the goal accomplished; this is where the five year, ten year, next year plan comes into it. Next, write down your goals clearly; this could be some kind of education, career change, finance, a new skill, or so. The next thing you need to do is to write down what you need for each goal, then, write down your time frame with specific and realistic dates. You also need to schedule your to do's and lastly review your progress.

Having a life goal to become a surgeon is difficult but I believe that I can accomplish it with great dedication. As we all know every great accomplishment begins with a small seed of a dream. I was inspired to choose this life goal when I was watching a movie called Critical. It is all about surgeons operating on patients with various diseases and because they are helping to save people's lives I would want to do the same.

I would like to be like Dr Odette Harris the, first black, Jamaican woman to hold the position has professor of neurosurgery at Stanford University an Ivy League school in the United States. Dr Harris also perform surgery at the Stanford Health Care. She was born September thirty nineteen sixty nine. She has a quote that said "I don't think I've ever been in a professional situation where I wasn't the first or the only". She is one of the greatest surgeon the world have ever seen and I look up to her.

As we know a surgeon operates on patients to treat injuries, broken bones; diseases, such as cancerous tumors; and deformities, such as cleft palates. Before starting the process of becoming a surgical doctor I have to do some honest soul searching. By doing so I have to evaluate how I'm feeling and what is important to me. In order to do so I have to find a time and place to be alone. Disconnect from social media, take a day off of socializing and relax with myself. First of all I must be aware of the time commitment involved in becoming a surgeon. Medicine is a career that requires many years of preparation. A surgeon typically needs a bachelor's degree, a degree from a medical school, which takes four years to complete, and, depending on their speciality, three to seven years in internship and residency programs. They also gain practical skills; learning to take medical histories, examine patients, and diagnose illnesses. This life goal will benefit me and the society by letting me help save peoples lives, giving me a good salary, positively affecting patients everyday and medical dept can be substantial.

I know that I would be a great surgeon because I am great at working with my hands therefore, hard work doesn't intimidate me. I have stamina and enjoy working with other people. Leadership comes naturally to me and I enjoy seeing concrete results and lastly but certainly not least I'm willing to make sacrifices. I have a strong feeling that my dream of being a surgical doctor is on the horizon of the not too distant future.

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