2020 Scholarship Winner

2020 Winner - Nashalee Scott


Who is Nashalee Scott?

I am a person who is kind , loving, generous and hard-working.

What are your hobbies?

Singing , Dancing , Running and Writing Short Stories etc

What does winning the scholarship mean to you?

Winning the scholarship means alot to me because I can get to focus on my work so that my mom and aunt doesn't have to pay some of the expenses.

What would you hope to achieve as a result of attending the high school of your choice?

l want to achieve alot such as get good grades being the head girl and being the top student on the school

Who is your role model?

My role model is Neil Curt because he is the best farmer in Jamaica and he contribute's alot to the country.


My Life Goals

By Nashalee Scott, Age: 12
Lower Buxton All Age, St Ann

Proverbs 16:3 commit to the lord whatever you do and he willestablish your plans.

My name is Nashalee Scott. I am 12 years old, I am the third child of 6 from my mother and the fourth of 7 from my father. I live in the rural community of Lower Buxton with my gran aunt and cousins, where I attend the Lower Buxton all farming. In my community my family owns farming space that I can use to plant my seasonal fruit and vegetables. This would also provide employment for my mother and father operates a cook shop.

I could start off my farm using seeds in gather from my kitchen or I could ask for assistance from friends and family and buy come from my saving growing up In my community there are many times when we have no rain and many times when we have no rain and many times when we have no rain, and water catchment are minimal, so I may not be able to give my crops enough water during drought. Another obstacles which I may encounter will be I may not have adequate market for my produce,Anther abstacle is to find tranportation to sell my produce and i will have to charter a car to tranport it.

The people who are poor they really need it because in these time of the coronavirus if you are poor or disable food is not easy to get,but I live in St.Ann where there are many hotels on the north coast, I could make an agreement with them to supply vendors including my mother with produce, and father for his cook shop in trelwany.1 chronicles 4:10 but as for you be strong and do not give for your work will be rewarded.

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