2021 Scholarship Winner

Kenneil Ronaldo Walker

2021 Winner - Kenneil Walker

Age 12
Graduate of Freeman's Hall Primary
Kenneil will be attending Knox College

2021 Season Highlights

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Who is Kenneil Walker?

I am a 12 year old male student who is a very respectful, hardworking,ambitious student who aims to achieve greatness at all times.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are reading and playing games.

What does winning the scholarship mean to you?

Getting the scholarship really means a lot to me because it provides my mother who is struggling with financial assistance to help further my education.

What would you hope to achieve as a result of attending the high school of your choice?

At Knox College I hope to achieve success moving forward to making my dream of becoming a pilot a reality.

Who is your role model?

My role model is my mother, because she is a hardworking, smart and caring person who always encourages me to do my best at all times and she always put the needs of her children before her own.


Essay Topic: Describe a life goal you would like to accomplish or a change you would like to make in your community or Jamaica. Explain how you would go about accomplishing this life goal or effectuating this change. Mention some obstacles you might encounter during the process and how you would address them.

By Kenneil Walker, Age: 12
Freeman's Hall Primary, Trelawny

When I saw the topic of the essay, describe a change you would like to make in your community I immediately came up with stopping violence against our women. Mainly because my mother was a victim of abuse last year November on a day that should have been a happy day for me, my birthday I witnessed my mother being chopped up by a male resident in my community.

It was such an unbearable sight that I wish no other child or family member has to witness such horrifying seen thus the reason for my essay choice. The thing that I would like to change is the abuse and killing of our mothers, sisters,aunt's ,cousins etc seeing my mother fall in that position it open my eyes wider to the problem, I have seen and heard about the problem on the news and or the radio but it's only when it happened to my mother I start thinking about why the woman are going through such abuse by men and what can be done to stop this problem.

I believe that some of the reasons why this problem continues to happen is because men don't respect females. We need to put in place something that we have like a training center to teach males about the importance of loving and protecting woman because they are the reason why we are here today because of there loving and caring hearts.

I would really like this problem to stop so I'm starting from now to learn about the importance of our females so that when I get older I will respect my wife enough that I don't abuse her or any woman for that matter because I felt really sad seeing what the guy did to my mom.

Woman abuse is a very serious crime and I would love to see it stop so let us start from now to play our part in stopping the voilence and abuse of our women.