2022 Season Highlights

Your Dreamers Scholarship

High School: Knox College

Primary School: Wait-a-Bit Primary | Principal: Ted Jones | Teacher(*): Ms Nichola Folkes

(*) Name of sixth grade teacher as listed on scholarship application


Summary of Participation

Timeframe Applications Schools Parishes
2022 76 29 7 - Westmoreland, Trelawny, St Ann, St Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon, Portland
Inception 161 38 8 - Westmoreland, Trelawny, St Ann, St Elizabeth, Manchester, Clarendon, Portland, St Mary

2022 Partipating Schools

School # Applicants Principal Parish
Albert Town Primary3 Mr Godfrey BlakeTrelawny
Bethany Primary1 Orville HarrisSt Ann
Bigwoods Primary 1 Mrs. Brown St Elizabeth
Burnt Savannah Primary4 Janet AtkinsonSt Elizabeth
Bybrook Primary1 Sandra Desgouttes-ThompsonPortland
Cascade Primary 1 Dr.Marcia PowellSt Ann
Charlton Primary 1 Mrs. Janet Millen-WraySt Ann
Chester Primary 2 Ms Nadine GordonSt Ann
Craighead Primary3 Mrs.Felecia SimpsonManchester
Ferguson Primary2 Mrs Zonnet Smith Manchester
Frankfield Primary1 Mr.Jason Scott Manchester
Freeman's Hall Primary3 Sandra GreenTrelawny
Geneva Primary3 Desrine gordonSt Elizabeth
Kellitts Primary8 Mrs. Rhynee McKay-BennettClarendon
Lower Buxton Primary2 Opal BrownSt Ann
Morgan's Forest Primary5 Romeo CrossClarendon
Mount Moriah Primary2 Kerrol LyonsSt Ann
Mountainside Primary5 E. McLeanSt Elizabeth
Patrick Town Primary1 Ms. Arleen ThompsonManchester
Plowden Primary3 Dwayne HenriquesManchester
Retirement Primary 2 Mrs. N. FisherSt Ann
Ritchies Primary 5 Marshalle Dale PowellClarendon
Seaford Town Primary1 Mr Marlon McKenzieWestmoreland
Smithville Primary1 Mrs. RowClarendon
Spring Garden Primary4 Grace Hughes-MalcolmTrelawny
St. Ann's Bay Primary 1 Mr. Trevor Cole St Ann
Turnberry Primary4 Maureen CunninghamSt Ann
Wait-a-Bit Primary3 Ted JonesTrelawny
Woodlands Primary3 Earl AndersonManchester

Highlights of the 2022 Fun Day

Balance is a necessary ingredient in the pursuit of success.

The scholarship sponsors an annual social event for present and past winners currently attending high schools across the island, to meet and enjoy a day of fun and social engagement. It is our hope that by meeting others who share the common bond of YDS scholarship winners, lifetime friendships develop. And, as they progress into their careers, their journey will inspire them to help younger kids starting from similar circumstances as theirs. Our dream is to inspire a perpetual cycle of mentors and role models; the old helping/mentoring the young, and the young seeing what they can be and achieve through the lives of the older.

This year's fun day was held at Chukka Eco-Adventure Outpost, located on the historic Good Hope Estate. Special thanks to Ms Melissa Terry, Manager of Chukka Foundation, Chukka Caribbean Adventures and the Chukka Eco-Adventure Outpost team for their partnership in making the day a success.

Kenneil Walker(2021), Kiara "KiKi" Brown (2022), Acacia Cunningham (2020), Nashalee Scott (2020)

Tubing on the Martha Brae River