2022 Scholarship Winner

Kiara "Kiki" Brown

2022 Winner - Kiara Brown

Age: 12
Graduate of Wait-a-Bit Primary
Kiara will be attending Knox College

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answers as written by the winner

Who is Kiara Brown?

Kiara Brown is an eleven year old female who is self sophisticated and supportive as well extremely hard-working and passionate about her goals. Kiara has strived for excellence in every aspect of her life. She has never given up, confidence and inspiration pushing her towards achieving her goals. The hardships of life showing her that she has to remain on the right track, excellence and mental strength. Kiara hopes that as life becomes harder she will be able to achieve her goals and in the end, be able to pay it forward and help other students who push hard and work as hard as they can to achieve excellence as well.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include reading, writing, acting and singing which I hope to perfect in the years ahead.

What does winning the scholarship mean to you?

Winning this scholarship means a whole lot to me. The ability to achieve my goals with less struggle, less burdens of the expense of school fees for my parents and happiness as I will be able to stay in school. This scholarship means inspiring other children like me who wish to strive in this difficult world. It means working as hard as I can to receive my education and help other students.

What would you hope to achieve as a result of attending the high school of your choice?

I aspire to achieve excellence, greatness and fame as a result of attending Knox College as it has always been my dream school since two of my four sisters have attended that school and came out being amazing. I hope to continue achieving wonderfully. I always wanted to attend Knox College and prosper. I always dreamt of filling a whole room with all my achievements and I believe that Knox College will bring me one step closer to my goal. I hope that I will achieve my dreams of becoming an actress, a fashion designer and a model in the very near future, I believe that attending Knox College would be a huge help, getting to learn about design and taking some acting lessons would very much help in my chosen career path.

Who is your role model?

My role model is a famous actor and model from the United Kingdom named Tom Holland. He has inspired me greatly as I wish to become a lot like him. He is a very talented male who has played multiple times in the lead role in the movie: "Spider-Man". I adore how well he treats his fans and how his acting seems real and not fake or forced. I wish to be a lot like him in a lot of ways which I couldn't possibly list in a hundred years.


Essay Topic: Describe a life goal you would like to accomplish or a change you would like to make in your community or Jamaica. Explain how you would go about accomplishing this life goal or effectuating this change. Mention some obstacles you might encounter during the process and how you would address them.

If I was the Prime Minister Of Jamaica

By Kiara Brown, Age: 11
Primary School

If I was the Prime Minister of Jamaica, I would be extremely elated as I would finally have a chance to better improve my country. Jamaica is a beautiful country and many things within it could be improved to enhance it's beauty. Of course, Jamaica is amazing yet still so much complaint from the Jamaicans. In this essay, I'll be speaking a little about the roads, the justice system and the education system.

First, let's address the issues with the roads. The conditions of the roads are very poor especially in the rural areas of the country. The elected Members Of Parliament in rural Jamaica need to be doing more to fix the roads and ensure the citizens of Jamaica are living more comfortably, not only in the urban areas. I would instill strong laws to ensure Jamaicans are contented with the state of the roads. According to several sources the poor road conditions date back to over three decades.

Next, the justice system. Under the Jamaican Constitution, all persons in Jamaica are entitled to preserve for themselves and future generations the fundamental rights and freedom to which they are entitled by the virtue of their inherent dignity as persons and as citizens of a free and democratic society. As a country, Jamaica needs to be practical about the application of the principle of equality before the law. Matters of how one attires, how one speaks and their level of education should not affect the experience of those who enter the halls of justice. There would be laws in place to ensure that Jamaicans have equality as where justice is concerned, the status of one's bank account should most definitely not matter.

Now, the system of education. About 99.7 percent of students in Jamaica have access to primary education, and another 83 percent have access to secondary education. Although the access to education is relatively high, academic success is lacking. In 2009, UNICEF concluded that by grade one, no more than 24 percent of six-year-old children going into primary school could master the five sub-tests of the assessment.By grade four, 70 percent gained mastery of the literacy test. Studies concluded that girls had mastered the literacy test at 81 percent. Boys, on the other hand, had only mastered the test at 59 percent. The numeracy test had even more crippling results. Only 45 percent of students showed mastery. The boys made up 36 percent, behind their female classmates that amounted to 55 percent.In elementary school, private and public schools have very different educational outcomes, those that attend private schools are often at an extreme advantage while those attending public schools may leave after six years, never fully learning how to read and write. I would schedule free lessons after class, allowing students to get help with what they might not understand or even get clarification on their theories.

In conclusion, most of the major issues in Jamaica will be solved. The roads will be fixed and there will be extremely happy Jamaicans. The justice system of Jamaica would be fair and just. There would be no more favoritism because of someone's money. The Jamaican children wouldn't be falling behind anymore as they would have extra lessons to help them understand the subjects in school. As the Prime Minister Of Jamaica, I believe I would greatly benefit the Jamaican society.