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The scholarship opens to applicants every year on February 15th and closes April 30th.

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Heartiest Congratulations to Kiara Brown of Wait-A-Bit Primary School who is the 2022 winner of the Young Dreamers Scholarship. This year was extremely competitive as there were 29 schools across eight parishes that participated. The scores of the applicants were really high. However Kiara is testament that if you work enough there is nothing that is beyond your reach.

This is the third year since the scholarship has been offered and I must say I am charged with excitement each year, because I get the chance to serve in a capacity where I am able to assist young scholars to reach their ultimate goal. I am thrilled every single time I get the opportunity to reveal to the winner that they have earned themselves the scholarship. Also, I aminspired by the young, brilliant minds that Jamaica possesses. This gives me hope for the future of our country. I must also use this medium to congratulate all the other applicants on their high school placements. You may not have won the scholarship, or placed at the school of your choice but remember that you can bloom wherever you are planted. Just stay focussed, be confident, work hard and put God first.

Congratulations to the hardworking principal and teachers for your sheer dedication and unwavering commitment to ensuring that your students are beneficiaries of quality education. You must be commended for your service.

As parents and teachers, we are tasked with the awesome responsibility to mould, nurture and mentor our children so that they will grow up to become worthwhile citizens, making positive contributions to society. May we never neglect our responsibility to guide and inspire our children to dream and work towards achieving those dreams.

Again, this year has been another great experience and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as the manager of the program.

According to Branson, if your dreams do not scare you, they are too small so “Dream big...achieve big…. And then dream bigger.”Blessings.

Demetha Barnett

Program Manager

Young Dreamer Scholarship

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