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A Word About the Scholarship

The Young Dreamers Scholarship is open to sixth grade students across the island. All it takes is an application with an original essay and the applicant with the highest PEP score automatically wins. Now, it is a fact that it becomes more competitive as the number of applicants increase, however, it also means that if there is only one applicant that applicant automatically wins. You will never know without trying so we strongly encourage participation.

Remember, failing is not your enemy. Not trying is.
There are lessons to be learned from failure, but you would not have learned anything, had you not tried.

In addition to the scholarship, winners automatically receive benefits designed to reward high performance throughout high school... and its not all about work. For more information please see Performance Benefits.

We want to say thanks to all the applicants who applied over the years. We wish every applicant success; those who won and those who did not. Please do not give up and keep trying.

We are committed to playing a small part in assisting children of communities located in the deep rural areas of Jamaica realize their dream. We do not have an endless budget so we are making a difference one child at a time.

Everyone has a Dream.
Opportunity is the Spark and Effort is the Fuel to Achieving that Dream.

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