a scholarship for rural jamaica

Performance Benefits Program

Performance is the Engine of Success

The scholarship program remains engaged with past winners throughout their high school years, through programs designed to encourage high performance, provide mentorship and social engagements.

Performance Benefits Overview

Bonus programs designed to motivate and reward high performers are common in many corporations. Some offer retention packages; a promised lump sum payment that becomes payable at the end of a set time period if the recipient sticks with the company. These programs are designed to motivate and encourage high performance. The YDS Performance Benefits Program provide past winners the ability to enjoy similar benefits throughout their high school years.

Accruing Benefits

Scholarship winners have the opportunity to be rewarded monetarily for their performance throughout high school, but to do so, they must attain a target threshold of performance. Their final grades and placement in their class are given varying dollar values. The higher they perform, the greater the reward. The total amount accrued over the course of their high school is paid as a lump sum when they graduate but they must complete high school to receive payment.

Payment of Performance Benefits

Scholarship winners have the option to be paid in full when they graduate from 5th form, but taking payment at this stage forfeits any additional benefits should they decide to proceed to 6th form. Alternatively, they have the option to forego payment and extend the benefits to include their 6th form years, then take payment after completion. This option provides the opportunity to increase the amount they are paid.

Reporting And Tracking Grades

Scholarship winners are responsible for reporting their annual end of year grades by submitting a copy of their end of year final report card. An online ledger is provided for them to track progress and their accrued balance.

Annual Fun Day

Every year, there is a new scholarship winner from schools scattered across the island. These winners are unknown to each other, separated by many miles, numerous mountains and circumstances. We believe there is value in them meeting and getting to know each other.

Every year the scholarship sponsors a social event for winners currently attending high schools across the island. They meet to enjoy a day of fun and social engagement. By meeting others who share the common bond of scholarship winners, it is our hope lasting friendships develops.

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