Target Schools

The Scholarship Grant is targeted at schools in the interior of the Island, where there tend to be a higher density of families of less means and opportunity.

Target Regions

Eligible schools are located in regions that have the lowest means, as identified by the Survey of Living Conditions conducted in 2002 by the Planning Institute of Jamaica.

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List of Eligible Schools

CodeNameAddressTel #Region
Region 2 - Port Antonio (St. Thomas, Portland and St. Mary)
04011 Bybrook Primary Bybrook District, Bybrook P.O. 577-9709 2. Port Antonio
04014 Claverty Cottage Primary Claverty Cottage P.A.891-6670 2. Port Antonio
04018Fairfield Primary Bangor Ridge P.O.292-4357 2. Port Antonio
04021Fruitful Vale PrimaryFruitful Vale P.O. - 2. Port Antonio
04026Moore Town PrimaryMoore Town P.O.877-58372. Port Antonio
04028 Mount Pleasant Primary Mount Pleasant, St. Margarets Bay P. O.913-3345 2. Port Antonio
04032Orange Bay Primary Orange Bay P.O. 833-9645 2. Port Antonio
04041Skibo Primary Skibo District, Skibo P.O. 879-0041 2. Port Antonio
04043Tranquility Primary and InfantBuff Bay P.O. 357-8081 2. Port Antonio
05007Brainerd Primary Brainerd P.O.784-2004 2. Port Antonio
05021 Free Hill Primary and Infant Free Hill P.O., St. Mary 851-7491 2. Port Antonio
05019 Enfield Primary Enfield P.O., St. Mary 823-31482. Port Antonio
05024 Goshen Primary Lucky Hill P.O. 771-2880 2. Port Antonio
05058 Scotts Hall Primary Scotts Hall District, Scotts Hall P.A.458-1662 2. Port Antonio
03045 Penlyne Castle Primary Penlyne Castle, Hagley Gap 371-1258 2. Port Antonio
03018 Minto Primary Hagley Gap 472-8636 2. Port Antonio
03036 Woburn Lawn Primary Ness Castle, Cedar Valley 703-0460 2. Port Antonio
03026 Richmond Gap Primary and Infant Richmond Gap, Cedar Valley 703-0464 2. Port Antonio
04005Birnamwood PrimarySpring Hill P.A.422-11182. Port Antonio
04007Bloomfield PrimarySwift River P.O.396-18192. Port Antonio
04010Buff Bay PrimaryRussel Avenue, Buff Bay P.O996-15572. Port Antonio
04013Charles Town Primary Buff Bay P.O.913-69422. Port Antonio
04015Comfort Castle PrimaryComfort Castle P.O.843-32452. Port Antonio
04016Coopers Hill Primary Coopers Hill, Fellowship P.O.289-12542. Port Antonio
04040Shirley Castle Primary Shirley Castle P.A.581-06322. Port Antonio
05004Beecham Hill Primary and Infant Richmond P.O. 881-22832. Port Antonio
05005Bellefield Primary Grass Piece., Belfield P.O.992-24552. Port Antonio
05010Camberwell Primary Camberwell P.O.787-40052. Port Antonio
05016Devon Pen Primary Devon Pen P.A.818-37222. Port Antonio
05023Gayle Primary Labyrinth Road, Gayle P.O.975-80032. Port Antonio
05028Hillside Primary Friendship District, Islington P.O.994-40812. Port Antonio
05030Jack's River Primary Jacks River, Free Hill P.O.726-31112. Port Antonio
05033Labyrinth Primary Labyrinth P.O.571-99072. Port Antonio
05035Long Road Primary Long Road District, Long Road P.O.435-62562. Port Antonio
05036Mahoe Hill Primary Broadgate P.A.287-89072. Port Antonio
05037Marlborough Primary Marlborough District, Richmond P.O.992-28772. Port Antonio
05038Martin Primary Martin District, Albany P.O.992-33632. Port Antonio
05044Newstead Primary Cascade District, Lodge P.O.917-31052. Port Antonio
05054Richmond Primary and Infant Richmond Road, Richmond P.O.399-93302. Port Antonio
05062Wallingford Primary Wallingford District, Guys Hill P.O.582-54692. Port Antonio
05063Water Valley Primary Islington P.O. 994-40032. Port Antonio
05065Zion Hill Primary Richmond P.O.992-02382. Port Antonio
03004 Arcadia Primary Arcadia District, Arcadia 296-2608 2. Port Antonio
03009 Dalvey Primary Dalvey District, Dalvey 982-3191 2. Port Antonio
03010 Duckenfield Primary Duckenfield, Golden Grove 982-3005 2. Port Antonio
03012 Golden Grove Primary and Infant Golden Grove 982-3096 2. Port Antonio
03013 Hayfield Primary Hayfield 810-4852 2. Port Antonio
03014 Hillside Primary Hillside District, Seaforth 805-3772 2. Port Antonio
03016 Lystra Primary Somerset District, Highland Head 982-7983 2. Port Antonio
03027 Barking Lodge Primary Barking Lodge 610-9277 2. Port Antonio
03028 Seaforth Primary 1 School Lane, Seaforth 982-4431 2. Port Antonio
03029 Rowlandsfield Primary Rowlandsfield 869-2125 2. Port Antonio
03035 Winchester Primary Winchester, Golden Grove 521-2197 2. Port Antonio
03043 Johnson Mountain Primary Johnson Mountain 792-3934 2. Port Antonio
04031Port Antonio Primary4 Eveleigh Park Road, P.O. Box 162, Port Antonio993-37272. Port Antonio
Region 3 - Browns Town (St. Ann and Trelawny)
06001 Alderton Primary Alderton, Claremont P.O. 540-6129 3. Brown's Town
06002Alva Primary and Infant Alva District, Alexandria P.O.859-8151 3. Brown's Town
06005 Bensonton Primary Bensonton P.O. 414-9521 3. Brown's Town
06023 Eccleston Primary Aboukir District, Cave Valley P.O. 853-5874 3. Brown's Town
06024 Epworth Primary Epworth P.O. 648-1023 3. Brown's Town
06104 Grants Mountain Primary Grant's Mountain District, Calderwood P.O. 534-5441 3. Brown's Town
06075 Inverness Primary and Infant Inverness P.O. 449-2492 3. Brown's Town
06035 Lime Tree Gardens Primary and Infant Lime Tree Garden P.A 360-1839 3. Brown's Town
06040 Mount Moriah Primary and Infant Mount Moriah District, Borobridge P.O. 805-73053. Brown's Town
06042 Mount Zion Primary Mount Zion District, Mount Zion P.A. 337-1662 3. Brown's Town
06049 Retirement Primary Watt Town P.O. 317-9376 3. Brown's Town
06056 Turnberry Primary Turnberry District, Blackstonedge P.O. 448-5760 3. Brown's Town
06057 Village Primary Faith's Pen, Moneague P.O. 401-4279 3. Brown's Town
06066 York Castle Primary York Castle District, York Castle P.A. 848-4951 3. Brown's Town
07011 Freemans Hall Primary and Infant Albert Town District, Albert Town P.O. 610-0724 3. Brown's Town
07039 Kinloss Primary Clark's Town District, Clark's Town P.O. 394-2676 3. Brown's Town
07019 Sawyers Primary Sawyers P.O. 890-2695 3. Brown's Town
07020 Spring Garden Primary and Infant Spring Garden District, Rock Spring 427-0097 3. Brown's Town
07023 Ulster Spring Primary Ulster Spring P.O. 807-4208 3. Brown's Town
07025Wait-A-Bit Primary Wait-A-Bit P.O.341-31903. Brown's Town
07028 Warsop Primary Warsop P.O. 547-8900 3. Brown's Town
06006Bethany Primary Saint Dacre District, Alexandria P.O.841-65603. Brown's Town
06013Cascade Primary Wild Cane P.O.354-40723. Brown's Town
06015Charlton Primary Alexandria P.O.975-10303. Brown's Town
06017Chester Primary Chester District, Alexandria P.O.540-60003. Brown's Town
06034Lime Hall Primary Lime Hall P.O.972-56633. Brown's Town
06051St. Ann's Bay Primary 16 Church Street, St. Ann's Bay P.O.972-23683. Brown's Town
07001Albert Town Primary and Infant Albert Town P.O.610-12003. Brown's Town
07009Wilson's Run Primary Wilson's Run District, Troy P.O.317-29883. Brown's Town
06037Lower Buxton All AgeOrange Hill P.A.367-05723. Brown's Town
Region 4 - Montego Bay (St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland)
08023 Niagara Primary Niagara District, Niagara P.A. 586-4983 4. Montego Bay
08024 Orange Hill Primary Stonehenge District, Stonehenge P.O. 566-51554. Montego Bay
08033 Vaughansfield Primary and Infant Flamstead Garden PA 781-7208 4. Montego Bay
10003 Beaufort Primary Darliston District, Darliston P.O. 849-7699 4. Montego Bay
10008 Cairn Curran Primary Cairn Curran P.A. 388-9376 4. Montego Bay
10010 Carmel Primary Carmel District, Carmel P.O. 868-5309 4. Montego Bay
10011 Chantilly Primary Lennox Bigwoods, Carmel P.O. 401-3588 4. Montego Bay
10026 Kew Park Primary and Infant Lambs River District, Lambs River P.O. 378-0644 4. Montego Bay
10033Mount Hermon Primary Lambs River District, Lambs River P.O.995-2093 4. Montego Bay
10050Seaford Town Primary Seaford Town, Lamb's River P.O.345-0890 4. Montego Bay
08005Buckingham Primary Buckingham, Hopeton P.O.775-26144. Montego Bay
10038New Works Primary and Infant New Works District, Carmel P.O.420-4302 4. Montego Bay
09003 Brownsville Primary Cascade District, Cascade P.O. 538-1571 Montego Bay
09007 Chambers Pen Primary Chambers Pen, Chambers Pen P.A. 856-8713 Montego Bay
09009 Church Hill Primary Santoy District, Santoy P.A. 609-2038 Montego Bay
09015 Gurney's Mount Primary Cold Spring, Great Valley P.O. 820-1229 Montego Bay
09016 Jericho Primary Jericho District, Jericho P.O. 310-3724 Montego Bay
09023 Mount Hannah Primary Donalva District, Maryland P.O. 809-4553 Montego Bay
09027 Pondside Primary Pondside District, Great Valley P.O. 815-0607 Montego Bay
09033 Watford Hill Primary Woodlands District, Hopewell P.O. 895-9616 Montego Bay
09001 Askenish All Age Askenish P.O., Askenish 797-6066 Montego Bay
09010 Claremont All Age Claremont, Jericho P.O. 405-0071 Montego Bay
09021 Maryland All Age Maryland District, Maryland P.O. 883-2570 Montego Bay
Region 5 - Mandeville ( St. Elizabeth and Manchester )
11017 Burnt Savannah Primary Burnt Savannah District, Burnt Savannah P.A. 078-6567 5. Mandeville
11018 Carisbrook Primary Carisbrook District, Carisbrook P.A. 880-6484 5. Mandeville
11054 Pisgah Primary Pisgah District, Pisgah P.A. 505-2957 5. Mandeville
11058 Retirement Primary Retirement P.A. --5. Mandeville
12021 Frankfield Primary and Infant Frankfield District, Pratville P.O. 775-70635. Mandeville
12022 Grove Town Primary Cross Keys P.O. --5. Mandeville
12091 Harmons Primary Harmons District, Harmons P.O 897-7426 5. Mandeville
12043Plowden Primary And Infant Plowden District, Alligator Pond P.O.481-2807 5. Mandeville
12047 Prospect Primary Prospect District, New Baalbec P.A 589-3840 5. Mandeville
12205 Victoria Town Primary Victoria Town P.A. 265-9589 5. Mandeville
11007Barbary Hall Primary Barbary Hall P.A.322-4972 5. Mandeville
11008Beersheba Primary Beersheba, New Market P.O.-5. Mandeville
11010Bigwoods Primary Bigwoods District, Mountainside P.O.- 5. Mandeville
11026Geneva Primary Newell, Watchwell PA965-0829 5. Mandeville
11030Happy Grove Primary Happy Grove, New Market P.O.775-7213 5. Mandeville
11043Mountainside Primary Mountainside P.O.377-3290 5. Mandeville
11049Nightingale Grove Primary Nightingale Grove, New Market P.O.426-9435 5. Mandeville
11057Red Bank Primary Red Bank District, Red Bank P.A366-0628 5. Mandeville
11072White Hill Primary White Hill District, Maggotty P.O.- 5. Mandeville
12011Chantilly Primary Chantilly P.A.603-2205 5. Mandeville
12016Craighead Primary Craighead District, Craighead P.O.- 5. Mandeville
12019Fairfield Primary Fairfield District, Lincoln P.O.448-5610 5. Mandeville
12020Ferguson Primary French Park, Spur Tree P.O.964-6042 5. Mandeville
12023Harry Watch Primary Harry Watch P.O.284-6574 5. Mandeville
12025Huntley Primary and Infant Huntley District, Huntley P.A.445-0841 5. Mandeville
12030Marlie Hill Primary Marlie Hill P.A.488-9510 5. Mandeville
12073Mile Gully Primary Mile Gully District, Mile Gully P.O.793-3799 5. Mandeville
12036Nazareth Primary Maidstone District, Maidstone P.O.317-5704 5. Mandeville
12037New Broughton Primary New Broughton District, Cross Keys P.O.610-9438 5. Mandeville
12041Patrick Town Primary Ellen Street P.O.365-1305 5. Mandeville
12042Pike Primary Pike District, Pike P.A.375-4177 5. Mandeville
12049Robins Hall Primary Molton District, Robins Hall P.A.504-2933 5. Mandeville
12093Somerset Primary Sommerset District, New Green P.A.815-3885 5. Mandeville
12054Top Hill Primary and Infant Top Hill District, Baker's Hill P.A.410-9467 5. Mandeville
12057Woodlands Primary Woodlands District, Cross Keys P.O.810-0096 5. Mandeville
Region 6 - Old Harbour (Clarendon and St. Catherine)
13098 Coffee Piece Primary Coffee Piece District, Coffee Piece P.A. 426-9488 6. Old Harbour
13026 Kilsyth Primary and Infant Grantham District, Grantham P.O. 904-4841 6. Old Harbour
13090 Morgans Forest Primary and Infant Morgans Forest District, Borobridge P.O. 844-9059 6. Old Harbour
13051 Ritchies Primary Ritchies District, Ritchies P.A. 964-0687 6. Old Harbour
13057 Smithville Primary Smithville District, Smithville P.O. 420-6240 6. Old Harbour
13005Arthurs Seat Primary Arthurs Seat District, Crofts Hill P.O.779-0523 6. Old Harbour
13007Brandon Hill Primary Brandon Hill, Colonels Ridge P.O.824-3114 6. Old Harbour
13010Collington Primary Collington District, Trout Hall P.O.861-5440 6. Old Harbour
13016Frankfield Primary and Infant Frankfield District, Frankfield P.O.904-4400 6. Old Harbour
13022James Hill Primary James Hill District, James Hill P.O.370-9841 6. Old Harbour
13024Johns Hall Primary Johns Hall, Silver Spring P.A.452-4358 6. Old Harbour
13025Kellits Primary Kellits District, Kellits P.O.966-8042 6. Old Harbour
13030Main Ridge Primary Main Ridge District, Pennants P.A.826-5007 6. Old Harbour
13034Mitchell's Hill Primary Mitchell's Hill, Rock River P.O.390-5714 6. Old Harbour
13036Mocho Primary and Infant Dawkins District, Mocho P.O.341-0063 6. Old Harbour
13041Mount Liberty Primary Beckford Kraal District, Beckford Kraal P.O.844-3723 6. Old Harbour
13056Sanguinetti Primary Sanguinetti District, Sanguinetti P.A.964-0533 6. Old Harbour
13099Scotts Pass Primary and Infant Scott's Pass District, Scott's Pass P.A.904-2936 6. Old Harbour
13058Spaldings Primary Spalding District, Spalding P.O.964-0178 6. Old Harbour
13060Thompson Town Primary and Infant Thompson Town P.O.374-8235 6. Old Harbour
14044Pear Tree Grove Primary Pear Tree Grove District, Pear Tree Grove828-7271Old Harbor
Data Sources:
Schools: Jamaica Ministry of Education
Survey of Living Conditions: Planning Institute of Jamaica and the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, with assistance from the World Bank. For a deeper dive into the proverty distribution map and additional tools, see FiwiRoots Distribution of Poverty