Dream Big, Achieve Big, Dream Bigger

We all have it in us to Achieve.

What is a Dream?

It can be what our mind conjures up when we sleep; things that can be fanciful or impossible. Things that may, or may not, have meaning.

But a Dream can also be the ones that we have during our waking moments; the things we think about having or achieving. The big difference with these types of dreams is that they are possible, and achieving them starts with thinking positively. Believing that we can and that we will. Seeing setbacks not as failures but as opportunities to learn and adjust, and seeing failures as lessons on what to avoid next time and as a challenge to figure out new approaches.

Children are natural dreamers. They spend a lot of time dreaming of what they want to be when they grow up. They dream of being the prime minister, the next track star or superman, and, as parents, we often feel unequipped or powerless in helping them achieve, but we have more influence on their successes than we are aware.

We all have it in us to Achieve!

From my own experience, my parents did not have much, but my mother always told me "I did a great job", when I did a good job. And, when I did fail, she always reminded me to try again because "I WILL achieve if I keep trying".

Those simple words of encouragement stayed with me throughout my life. They gave me the confidence to aim high and to be unafraid of failing. They taught me that failing was just an opportunity to learn how not to do something, or what to avoid on the next attempt. Each failure gave me strength and additional knowledge and each success cemented the knowledge that I had the ability to achieve.

My mother's words of encouragement did not require money or wealth, but they bought me more than anything wealth could have bought, had she had it.

So we are as parents more powerful than we think. Our positive words of praise and encouragement go a long way towards our kids development and their belief in their ability to achieve.

Finally, I agree not having much SUCKS! It robs us of opportunity, and opportunity is often the one ingredient we need to achieve what we know we can achieve... that is why I am offering this scholarship.

I am hopeful this scholarship will provide an opportunity where one would not have been possible.

I believe this opportunity has the potential to enable a young mind to achieve their dreams.

I dream that this program creates a cohort of achievers who are not afraid to dream, who pursues achieving their definition of success.

And finally, I dream for a common bond amongst this cohort of dreamers and achievers that leads to a perpetual cycle of mentors and role models. The old helping/mentoring the young, and the young seeing what they can be, and what they can achieve, through the lives of the older.

"I have learned more from my failures than from my successes. As a result, my successes have been far more rewarding than they would have been, had I not failed.
GC, Sponsor