Scholarship Winners


2023 Winner -
Daniel Hall

St Ann's Bay Primary
York Castle High


2022 Winner - Kiara Brown
Kiara Brown

Wait-a-Bit Primary
Knox College


2021 Winner
Kenneil Walker

Freeman's Hall Primary
Knox College


2020 Winner
Acacia Cunningham

Wait-a-Bit Primary
Westwood High


2020 Winner
Nashalee Scott

Lower Buxton Primary
Yorkcastle High


Fourth and Fifth Graders

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Winning Schools

Year School Principal Teacher*
2022 Wait-A-Bit Ted Brown Ms Nichola Folkes
2021 Freeman's Hall Primary Sandra Green Mrs Forbes
2020 Lower Buxton Opal Brown Demetha Barnett
2020 Wait-A-Bit Ted Brown Rose Howell

(*) Name of sixth grade teacher as listed on scholarship application

List of Schools that have Participated

Winning Schools Highlighted (# of times won)

Albert Town Primary, Trelawny

Alderton Primary, St. Ann

Arcadia Primary, St.Thomas

Barbary Hall Primary, St Elizabeth

Beecham Hill Primary, St. Mary

Bethany Primary, St. Ann

Bigwoods Primary, St. Elizabeth

Burnt Savanah Primary, St. Elizabeth

Bybrook Primary, Portland

Cascade Primary, S, . Ann

Charlton Primary St. Ann

Chantilly Primary, Manchester

Chester Primary, St. Ann

Craighead Primary, Manchester

Ferguson Primary , Manchester

Frankfield Primary, Manchester

Free Hill Primary, St. Mary

Freemans Hall Primary, Trelawny (1)

Geneva Primary, St. Elizabeth

Grant's Mountain. St. Ann

Huntley Primary, Manchester

Inverness Primary, St. Ann

Kellits Primary, Clarendon

Kinloss Primary, Trelawny

Long Road Primary, St. Mary

Lower Buxton Primary, St Ann (1)

Marlie Hill Primary, Manchester

Morgan's Forest Primary, Clarendon

Mount Moriah Primary, St. Ann

Mountainside Primary, St. Elizabeth

Patrick Town Primary , Manchester

Pisgah Primary, St. Elizabeth

Plowden Primary, Manchester

Port Antonio Primary, Portland

Red Bank Primary, St. Elizabeth

Retirement Primary, St Ann

Richies Primary, Clarendon

Scotts Hall Primary, St. Mary

Seaford Town Primary, Westmoreland

Smithville Primary, Clarendon

Spring Garden Primary, Trelawny

St. Anns Bay Primary, St. Ann

Turnberry Primary, St. Ann

Wait-A-Bit Primary, Trelawny (2)

Ulster Spring Primary, Trelawny

Warsop Primary, Trelawny

Woodlands Primary, Manchester

Zion Hill Primary, St. Mary